5 Steps To Transform your Body

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

STEP 1 |Start

There is no point wasting time debating what you're going to do especially if you're a complete newbie. Start with a walk, then go to a jog, then run, then add in different exercises. Same with your nutrition; start taking out sugary foods, then get into a calorie deficit and start to be more and more strict with yourself.

FACT: You will probably spend more time debating what to do than actually doing.


Find what drives you and only you.

One thing I see very often is people burning out because they're doing it for someone else, not themselves. Focus on what you want and you're goals as it will help you push through the tough times.


Mindset is key!

Personally I don't see the point with being negative about situations. Find a solution and skip all of the negative thoughts and doubts even though it may be really difficult. You'll soon find that you're living a happier and healthier life as well as hitting more goals and achieving more. When you believe you CAN do that 10km run or that 1 minute plank you will do it! Mind over matter.

step 4 | discipline

Sticking to a routine, setting goals, breaking bad habits, not eating that cake all require discipline. By all means enjoy your lifestyle but don't fool yourself into thinking it's okay to have that bottle of wine after a tough day at work because you think you've earned it. Take a step back, think do you really need it and is it worth it, then make a decision.

If you don't have discipline how do you expect to change because thats what you want right?


Everyone loves the end result but its the journey that you should enjoy.

It won't be easy I'm not going to lie but at the end of the day you're going to spend the majority of your time working towards a goal. If you don't enjoy how you're going to get there how are you going to keep that goal once you're there? I've had loads of clients expecting that they're not going to enjoy the journey but by finding something they enjoy changes the perspective completely. It goes back to all of the above steps. If you don't enjoy 70% of what you're doing, it's going to be really difficult to stick with!

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