So, instead of you trawling through the internet or debating whether to contact me or not I thought I'd give my secrets away for FREE. Now let me guess. You're an busy business professional, you struggle to find time to workout, you travel a lot making eating a nightmare. You're just so caught up in your professional career that you forget to find the time to look after yourself. If this applies to you then keep reading as I'm going to solve your problems.


This is probably one of the hardest things to get under control when you're constantly on aeroplanes, in business meetings or grabbing something on the go and I'm going to be honest, it really isn't easy. You need to have lot's of self control, knowledge and need to know how to adapt according but don't worry as that's why I'm here.

So getting to that secret...Intermittent fasting. You may of heard of this before as it's becoming a very 'trendy' way to handle your nutrition and for lots of good reasons. If done correctly and tailored to work for your working day it can have incredible results. In short you limit the amount of hours you can eat fitting in all of your food (with a calorie deficit) into a short space of time allowing your body to digest, recover and burn that fat! (If you want to know more about the benefits I have a blog post on it).


As a business professional I understand you may not have a gym everywhere you are in the world or even have a chance to go if you do have access to one. Luckily my style of training all revolves around being creative but effective with your movement. This means more muscles activated at a high intense pace to get the maximum out of a short space of time with limited resources. The secret isn't to lift the heaviest weight you can or to do the opposite and not do anything but to listen to your body, map out an end goal and plan a route to get there. Be honest with yourself! If you know you're more than likely to miss out on a gym session, plan your session around bodyweight exercises that you can do in your hotel room that will only take 30 minutes.

My goal is to make my clients, to make you ready for anything. I want you to be strong, mobile, agile, powerful, mindful, quick and so much more. My goal is to make you the ultimate version of yourself. Any situation. Any movement. You can cope and perform.

So there it is. So simple but it works so if you'd like to know more get in touch and we can arrange a consultation.

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