So on the 19th April 2020 I decided to take on a 19 hour live workout to help raise money for the NHS through the COVID-19 outbreak and this is how it all happened...

I wanted to help. Our NHS were risking their lives everyday to keep us safe whilst we were just sat at home so I got thinking... What could I do? How can I do it? The first thought was

some sort of workout as thats what I do best. I also knew that it has to be on the 19th ( in relation to COVID-19) and then I thought 19 minutes just wasn't enough! So then the idea was born (the most stupid idea i've ever had by the way!) 19 Hours For NHS.

I then knew I had to spread the word so I put out a TikTok. Which can I add exploded and got a staggering 350K views, over 85k likes, 1.3k shares and 650 comments. It was happening.

I gathered a bunch of Instagram influencers/coaches who joined me every hour to help keep me motivated (I actually couldn't of done this without you guys so thank you!) During the 19 hours we had over 10,000 people join in with the workouts, donating, motivating and last but not least all coming together for a great cause. In the end we raised over £1,200 and still counting.

As I write this we are still mid crisis and it's not looking like it's going to change anytime soon but it just proves what you can do when you have a great bunch of people supporting you and the right mindset. #19hoursfornhs

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