Top Tips to help get you 'Thor' Shredded

Sometimes you get to a point where you hit a plateau and no matter what you do you just can't get those 6 pack abs. If you really want your body to change you need to really change what you're currently doing. Makes sense right? Hopefully my top tips to get shredded will help break that plateau and give you everything you need to get those 6 pack abs.

put down the 6 pack

Let's be honest, most of you lads think that you can get a 6 pack whilst drinking a 6 pack every weekend. Unfortunately for the vast majority of us this isn't the case. Put down the burgers and beers and settle for some salmon and salad. The key to get super shredded is getting your body to a lean stage (below 12% body fat) without compromising the muscle that you've spent hours of dedication putting on in the gym.

To do this you need to make sure you're working in a calorie deficit and I don't mean eating 1 burger and a bowl of porridge a day and saying you've 'hit your macro's', I mean eating a healthy diet to hit your macronutrients and micronutrients so unfortunately the beers gotta go.


When it comes to training we all know that Chris Hemsworth doesn't mess around but how does he do it? The simple answer is this ... overload. This is a training method which simply means you keep adding weight to your workout routine over time. Partnered with supersets and giant sets, it creates a perfect structure to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

But how do you start overload training? Its simple really, start working in a set rep range of 8-10 reps (perfect for building muscle) and with whatever exercise you do, your last rep should be pretty much to failure meaning you can't do any more reps. Every week add on more weight and complete the same amount of reps even if its an extra 5% of what you were working at before it's an improvement. That is overload training. Now to really take it to the next level add a superset.. a superset is an exercise performed straight after the first exercise with no rest time in between. This is perfect for fat burn and great for overloading your muscles especially if you do back to back exercises working the same body part. E.g 8-10 reps Back Squat (Super set) with 8-10 reps Walking Lunges.


Boxing isn't great just for taking out your anger after a busy day at work, it's absolutely amazing at burning those calories to help you shred up. Why run for ages when you can punch stuff instead? I mean for me it's a no brainer. This is the next key point...don't just run for ages on the treadmill. You need to workout effectively and going on a steady run for 45 minutes isn't effective. By all means cardio is important but build it into your weight lifting workouts or do an exercise such as boxing which is burning and building at the same time.

If you do really love running then use interval training methods such as HIIT training to get the most out of the session. Getting your heart rate high enough is also key so we stay in the fat burning zone not the cardiovascular endurance zone.

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